Workshop 10:35 - 11:35

Tonje Evanger & Ellen Wagnild-Antonsen
Chief Design Officer and Director of Strategy & Strategic and Service Designer @ Variant

How you can use your design expertise to change organisations to the better!

Our goal is to inspire more designers to the emerging field of Strategic Design. In this workshop you will learn more about strategic design, and how design can be applied in development of organizations and strategy processes. The landscape is unpredictable and constantly changing, and traditional strategy processes can make use of design principles to address the need for constant adaptation, to understand new opportunities and innovate. 

Together, we will demystify the design discipline Strategic Design, and you will learn some tricks to use design more strategically.The workshop starts with a short introduction, before we will do some practical exercises. 

You will get the tools and equipment you need from us, and do not need to bring anything of your own.

Tonje Evanger & Ellen Wagnild-Antonsen

Tonje Evanger is CDO and Director of Strategy at Variant, a consultancy offering design, technology and business services.Tonje has been in charge of design and innovation processes in both startups and large corporates for 15 years, focusing on building strategy and culture for innovation and intrapreneurship.She is also Ass. Professor of Strategic Design at NTNU, Institute of Design, as she loves to learn and to share learning.

Ellen Wagnild-Antonsen is a strategic and service designer at Variant, a consultancy offering design, technology and business services.Ellen is a civil engineer with a master's degree in industrial design as well as a bachelor's degree in marketing communication. She loves working in teams to discover creative solutions to complex problems.

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Lotta Olkinuora
Head of Customer Success @

Mixed methods for user research: How to combine effectively qual and quant through the Design journey.

Combining effectively qualitative and quantitative is critical to build better experiences. However often we fall into the 'trap' of using only the most familiar method (often either qual or quant) which limits the different perspectives we can bring on to the design table. In the workshop we will discuss pros and cons of different techniques and how to use mixed methods across the design journey from user led ideation and iterating concepts down to testing and launching products and services.

Lotta Olkinuora

Lotta has a 15 year long background in mixing qualitative and quantitative research techniques across more than 200 different CX and Digital development projects in the UK, Nordics and Asia.

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Workshop 11.50 - 12.30

Eugen Azcoaga & Aroshine Munasinghe
Product Designer & UX Researcher @

Accessible UI theming in Figma

We are going to do a practical exercise with Figma on how to apply multiple UI themes to one single design. The focus is on setting up an accessible color scheme. Based on your interest, you can choose to try applying your own brand, own UI theme, or create a dark mode

PLEASE NOTE: You need your computer and a Figma account.

Eugen Azcoaga & Aroshine Munasinghe

Eugen is a Product Designer at and has worked with product design for the past ten years. He gets his kicks out of solving complex design challenges and user problems, always guided by insights and working in tight collaboration across functions. His tendency for systemizing everything has made design systems thinking a natural part of his approach to product design.

Aroshine is a UX researcher at Over the past 6 years, she has combined coding, UX design, and UX research. Her core strength lies in product and UX research, a combination of shaping business strategies and user insights using mixed methods. Aroshine has always looked to pursue opportunities that stretches her comfort zone, and continuously widen her perspectives by being curious in building relationships and creating impact throughout the organisation.

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Maria Lifsten & Ellen Pettersson
Service designers @ Zington

Design skills in the future

Take a step into the future. How do we work as creatives a few years ahead? Which skills, competencies and roles are desirable? The big workshop question is; How might you pitch yourself to get the design job in 2030?

Maria Lifsten & Ellen Pettersson

Maria is an experienced UX, UI and service designer that has a long experience working in different industries and within several parts of the design spectra.  

Ellen is an experienced service designer with a focus on user research.

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Workshop 15.20 - 16.20

Anna Söderbom
Localisation and UX Writing Coach

Conversational design

In this workshop, we’ll look at how we can create an experience through conversation. This way of approaching design ideation makes for a natural user experience, based on human interaction. No need to bring anything to this workshop, except your words.

Anna Söderbom

Anna Söderbom has an extensive background from the localisation industry – having done everything from translation and transcreation to project management and leading teams. During the last few years, she’s worked at Swedish tech unicorns where she’s built and scaled teams that work with localisation and UX writing. Anna recently started her own business and is now helping companies figure out how to work with these disciplines.

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John Bevan
Creative & Strategy Director @ Bejo

Future of Design Systems

This Masterclass looks at how organisations are evolving Design Systems, maturing Design Operations to reduce cost, time, and increase velocity in assembling and operating digital platforms. 

Through real-world use cases, plus showing tools, techniques and methods, we set out to answer the following:
How can organisations master multi-team design at scale?
How to reduce time and cost to assemble and operate digital platforms?
What do best-practice design systems look like?
How to deliver consistency of UX without constraining creativity of UI?
How to curate design systems and grow design capabilities? 

Together, we’ll look at how to structure design systems, components, patterns, and how to work with data visualisation. We’ll explore best practices, guidelines, principles, and frameworks underpinning effective design systems at enterprise scale.

John Bevan

John is a creative and strategy director, bringing 15 years of experience from partnering top tier global brands to deliver growth through design, digital, and innovation. He helps organisations advance the world by great design, co-creating mesmerising new products and services, optimising and enriching customer experiences, and driving growth and strategic advantage.

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We hope to see you on November 10th.