In addition to the on-stage program, which will be recorded, there are workshops at 10:35, 11:50 and 15.20. On each occasion you can choose between two inspiring themes! Remember to check the program for any changes..

Registration & Breakfast

Welcome to STHLM Xperience Conference 2022, at 7A Posthuset and our digital venue. Check in at the entrance and grab some breakfast.

7A Posthuset or SXC2022 Live 60min


Tommy Marshall and Veronica Wallström will welcome you to this year’s conference and introduce our moderator.

Palmsalen 20min

Life Is a Reflection of Your Emotions

Anik Devaughn
Multidisciplinary creative professional @ Wired to Design

Palmsalen 20min

Involving users through user communities

Ville Österlund

Palmsalen 25min


It's time for a cup of coffee or tea, something sweet, and socializing – on site or online!

Orangeriet 30min

Paths toward a unified patient experience

Aroshine Munasinghe & Eugen Azcoaga
UX Researcher & Product Designer @

Palmsalen 35min

WORKSHOP: How you can use your design expertise to change organisations to the better!

Tonje Evanger & Ellen Wagnild-Antonsen
Chief Design Officer and Director of Strategy & Strategic and Service Designer @ Variant

No stress Room by Zington 60min

WORKSHOP: Mixed methods for User Research: How to combine effectively qual and quant through the Design journey

Lotta Olkinuora 
Head of Customer Success @

Wellbeing Room by 60min

How healthy ways of working can create better user experiences – in all markets

Anna Söderbom
Localisation and UX Writing Coach @ Söderbom Consulting 

Palmsalen 20min


A bathroom break? Move around a bit? Or just some time to take care of your mindfulness?

Orangeriet 15min

6 things we learned building the new meal plans for our users

Maria del Riccio & Linda Braeken
Product Manager & Product Designer @ Wellobe

Palmsalen 20min

WORKSHOP: Accessible UI theming in Figma

Eugen Azcoaga & Aroshine Munasinghe
Product Designer & UX Researcher @

Wellbeing Room by 40min

WORKSHOP: Design skills in the future

Maria Lifsten & Ellen Pettersson
Service designers @ Zington

No stress Room by Zington 40min

Let go of the skills obsession to humanize design career progression

Fotini Ioakeimidou
Design Operations Manager @ Kry

Palmsalen 20min


Lunch is served. Enjoy your meal, and find some new friends and connections!

Orangeriet 80min

Mindful Design

Christelle Ngnoumen
Principal Behavioral Scientist @ Headspace Health

Palmsalen 50min

What every UX:er should know about stress and the digital work environment

Jonas Söderström
Author & UX strategist @ Form & Innehåll

Palmsalen 20min


Time to move! Turn around, talk to the people around you, mingle online, or just take a short walk.

Orangeriet 20min

User tests are not an exam

Elisabet Johansson
UX Lead @ Bolibompa, SVTi

Palmsalen 20min

WORKSHOP: Future of Design Systems

John Bevan 
Creative & Strategy Director @ Bejo

Wellbeing Room by 60min

WORKSHOP: Conversational design

Anna Söderbom
Localisation and UX Writing Coach

No stress Room by Zington 60min

Deceptive design patterns - how small manipulative tricks leads to major effects

John Melin
Senior frontend developer @ Computas

Palmsalen 20min

Inclusive design – how can that help us build healthy organizations

Elisabeth Aguilera
Chief Accessibility Officer (CAO) @ Arbetsförmedlingen

Palmsalen 20min


Refill those coffe mugs, talk some more with colleagues on site or digitally, and perhaps eat some cookies?

Orangeriet 30min

Sustainable Experiences by Design

Stefan Moritz
Senior Design Director @ McKinsey

Palmsalen 20min

Guiding users to better sleep

Nils Berg
Product Designer @ Sleep Cycle

Palmsalen 20min

Round up

Our moderator will close the on-stage program together with us. Don't want to say goodbye yet? You are invited to more socializing, both live and digitally!

Palmsalen 20min

After conference

Let's move to Orangeriet and the enticing soundscapes of our DJ Simon! Have a drink with us, eat some food, talk to friends, make new connections, and postpone the goodbyes for a couple of hours? See you there!

Orangeriet 240min

We hope to see you on November 10th 2022.