Our Health

During the last few years, tech solutions have moved into the digital spaces of all areas of society. One particular field that has seen great digital transformation is the health sector. That’s why our STHLM Xperience Conference 2022 wants to dive into the UX, the digital design, and the physical products of our health, both the personal and the collective more global one.

Global healthcare is the key to our survival. On every level, health is critical. These days, most of our conversations start with a discussion of health, “how are you?” and it ends with a good wish to “be well”. Our concern for health goes beyond our own bodies to our planet, which also must be healthy and stable for our survival.
– World Usability Day

So, how are we doing? Really? Sometimes that is a hard question. We don't always have the answer, or the words to describe how we feel. Sometimes we don't even want to feel anything. Or be accountable. 

Can apps really tell us how healthy or inclusive we are? Do apps really help when telling us when to eat, what to eat, when to exercise, and what kind of workout we should do – and for when we do not feel healthy; providing doctors and psychologists to visit online. 

Join us as we explore different services and activities that are designed to be good for us, and tools that promise to be helpful. Let's get aware of how our digital well-being affects our health, and how constantly being online affects us and our children. Including looking at aspects such as how solutions are designed with the individual in focus, notifications, nudging, and accessibility. 

Our conference honors WUD, which is celebrated on the 2nd Thursday in November every year, which is the 10th of November 2022. Read more about the WUD organization’s interpretation of the theme. The theme originates from the UN goal #3 "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages".

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