Call for speakers

Examples of areas that we would love to cover are dark patterns, UX writing, accessibility, visual design, design trends, inclusive design, service design, ways of working, sustainable design, or innovation. Or something that we haven't thought of yet! 

The theme is inspired by World Usability day, and you can find more input from their interpretation of the theme

Below you can find some examples of what we are looking for:

  • How do we design sustainable solutions?
  • Designing for a healthier lifestyle
  • How are we affected by our digital presence?
  • Example of stress-reducing design
  • Innovative digital healthcare
  • Designing solutions that help people make the right decision 
  • Solutions for digital and physical wellbeing
  • Inclusive design for a better (and healthier) society
  • Solutions for users who have experienced different traumas
  • What is mindful design?
  • Innovation in developing countries
  • Food, training, and finance

Time to speak = 15 minutes. We want practical experience in every talk. Every speech must strive to inspire and create the prerequisites that are needed to design for the future that we want. Deliver experience and tools to empower the community that can be used directly in their everyday work. All talks are expected to be presented in English. 

Please send us a title and short take of your speech. We are happy to have a talk with you and help you with the theme. If you have a reference/link to an earlier speech please send that as well. 

Suggest yourself or someone else. We will be selecting speakers continuously, so be sure to send us your material and ideas as soon as possible. Send to